Sunday, December 5, 2010

Irish Oatmeal!

Yum! Nothing makes me feel more cozy than a bowl of Irish Oatmeal.. not only for breakfast but for any time of day!!

Irish oatmeal is a bit different from the normal Quaker Oats or Instant Oatmeal. Irish Oatmeal is made from Steel-Cut Oats rather than Rolled Oats. Irish Oatmeal has a chewier consistency and a nuttier flavor than the others. Its almost tapioca like to me..

Irish oatmeal is less processed than rolled oats or instant oatmeal, which makes it higher in Fiber, Vitamin B, Calcium, and Protein. It can also help lower your cholesterol.

I love sprinkling a little brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, and raisins over them! It is so delicious, comforting, and good for you! MMmmMmM

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