Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars 2010 - Who was your favorite?

Once again the beautiful people of Hollywood walk down the Red Carpet for the Annual Oscars. My favorite dressed lady was Sandra Bullock. Her golden dress was GORGEOUS, classy, and elegant.

I also really enjoyed Rachel McAdams dress as well. The colors and the flow of it really caught my eye.

These are two dresses that I would love to see myself wearing. 

I was NOT a big fan of Inglorious Basterds' leading lady Diane Krugers dress. The mid part of this dress just really confuses me. It would have been so much more beautiful without all the "ruffles" or "Feathers" or whatever is on that dress..

I also didn't really dig Amanda Seyfried's dress. The top chest part was just not flattering. It was just TOO FLAT on the top and TOO BIG on the bottom. They weren't working together for me.

Robert Downey Jr.
I love that man! He is so handsome. I love his get up! The blue lensed sunglasses, the blue bow tie and those cute sneakers!! His wife looked beautiful too.


Who was your favorite?!