Thursday, December 16, 2010

Childhood Dreams..

Can you name me the top movies of your childhood? It doesn't have to be just Disney. I want to know about the movies you would watch as a kid that would make your imagination run wild! 

One of the top movies that still sends me back is the movie HOOK by Steven Spielberg. That movie would make my eyes glisten with wonder. I still to this day wish that Neverland was real! (Not Michael Jacksons Neverland) I mean the Neverland in the stars! The one that when you got there looked like an island of dreams and imagination! 

A place where you never had to grow up! Full of fairies, mermaids, and other mystical creatures!

Hook is still one of my favorite movies of all time! I could watch it all the time, I know all the lines, the score makes me feel like a kid again!! 

I remember watching that movie and LOVED the nursery @ Granny Wendy's house in London, sitting next to the big window overlooking Big Ben. I always wanted a room just like that! It is still to this day a DREAM ROOM.

I think what this movie Hook teaches us is, that YES we all GROW UP. But it is important to never forget what it was like to be a child. To be so innocent and so free. Never forget your imagination and even though you may be older on the exterior you can ALWAYS and FOREVER still be Young At Heart.


This is the Peter Pan statue at Kensington Gardens in London!
I would love to visit this monument one day..


  1. When I was little, I think my favourite movie was Splash. Although I also loved Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Harriet the spy.

  2. Hook is a fantastic movie! Among my childhood favorites..."Beauty and the Beast", "Peter Pan" (2001 version), "Tuck Everlasting", "Secondhand Lions", "The Goonies", "Pocahontas", all Disney movies really!

  3. I love all Disney movies as well! Especially on my sick days I love cuddling up on the couch when I'm under the weather watching a good ol' Disney flick. The Goonies is always a classic!! <3

  4. I just realized I forgot to include Swan Princess on my list! That was my favourite movie as a child. Not sure how I managed to forget it, since I was obsessed with that movie.

  5. I love hearing about your favorite childhood movies! Thanks for sharing!