Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did you know...

Best Buy offers Price Matching? In case you're wondering what that exactly means then i'll tell you.
If you find a lower advertised price on the same available brand and model (TVs, Computers, VIDEO GAMES, DVDs, CDs) prior to your purchase or during the exchange and return period, they will MATCH that price. Simply bring in the ad of the local retail competitor or I personally use AMAZON.COM, while the lower price is in effect and receive your price match.

I usually got to www.Amazon.com and find the product I want to buy, click on it, then print out the page. Then I bring that print out to the register along with the product and they give it to me for the price on the print out. It's FANTASTIC. I literally have saved $10 on games.. and thats honestly a big savings to me.

One example is: I wanted to get FALLOUT 3 (my favorite game at the moment) for Playstation 3. At Best Buy its $39.99 Best Buy Fallout 3 Playstation 3. So I went to www.Amazon.com and its $26.65!!  I printed out the amazon page, brought it to Best Buy and they gave me the Fallout 3 copy for the Amazon listed price. I wont buy anything from Best Buy now until I get a price match from Amazon or any other cheaper list pricing website. Seriously Great Savings, and worth the printer ink.


Fresh Start

Okay so I have decided that I want my blog to not only be about me and my "Personal Experiances" Because that can grow boring reeeeaaal quick, HA Ha I want people to read and be interested in what I have to say! So I am going to start talking about MANY things. Dudes and Chicks will be able to read my blog and come to it daily. I am going to include many categories of topics for both guys and gals:

  • Make-up
  • Video Games
  • Sports
  • Clothes
  • Music
  • Health
  • Movies
  • Hair 
  • Shoes
  • Celebrities
& Much More! If you have any suggestions I am all ears. I just want to be able to HELP people.  That is my MAIN GOAL. So please pass on the word and follow my blog! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I was reading one of my old blogs from 2004 (Way long time ago). I Wrote Sept 30th 2004 @ 8:30PM that I was extremely happy and content with my life. I was with my high school boyfriend at the time and I was doing good in school, I got my first car and we moved into a really nice house. I wrote that I was scared to write how happy I was down because I was scared that something bad was going to happen, I said SOMETHING BAD ALWAYS HAPPENS WHEN I AM HAPPY... Turns out I was right and I didn't even realize it till now. Oct 31st 2004 (one month and 5 hours later) My friend Joe Magin died...

So far that tragedy still burns deep in my heart and makes me extremely sad - It is to this day the saddest day of my life.

Have you lost someone that meant so much to you? Someone you probably took for granted and didn't notice how much they actually meant to you until they were gone? I sometimes feel stupid that I still care so much about him and I still cry at times. Should I have moved on by now? I don't know all the answers I just know that he was a big part of my life and always will be. Not everyone knew the bond him and I had.. But I will hold it in my heart forever..

This Is It

Hi there! My name is Megan, I'm 20 years old and I live in California. I have about 10 other blogs that I have lost track of over the years, so I am once again trying to start fresh and be dedicated to this one. I doubt anyone reads this nonsense, I myself am not a "Blog Reader... or BLOGGER" I don't even know what that really means?!? But I just wanted to try again and write down my thoughts, feelings and experiences and maybe someone will come along and read it (if it's interesting enough). Well, here I go!!

Like I said earlier in the post, I'm 20 years old. I will be 21 this May, It's honestly not that exciting to me anymore. I feel so much older than I really am already and I have done a thing or two in my earlier years... 21 doesn't even seem that fascinating to me anymore. "WOOHOO" I'll be able to buy alcohol.. Big deal I don't even drink anyway, the very thought of alcohol makes me sick. It never used to when I was in High School... but now it does and it doesn't bother me at all.

So I said I feel older than I really am, maybe I'm just an old soul. But physically as well.. I went to the doctor a few months back.. had a ton of illnesses checked off on the list like: Upset Stomach, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Migraines, Ear Aches, Ulcers, etc. The doctor was actually worried about my condition. She said a girl my age shouldn't have all those checked off... So I thought to myself "What's wrong with me?" Some say Hypochondria... But I'm Not making these things up... I really feel that way! The Doctor recommended Anti-Depressants.. BUT IM NOT DEPRESSED! Plus too many people I know "OFF" themselves while on that type of medication... So that's not an option for me... For now I don't know whats up with my body.. Maybe I'll find out later.

I am a very upbeat person. For the most part very hyper and giggly. I LOVE to laugh, Its my favorite honestly, It feels good to just let yourself bust into laughter! You may feel sore if you're laughing too long but after your done you just feel sooo good! Okay well I am rambling on about nothing Its 7am and I am SLEEEPY... Havent gone to bed yet tonight so I think I'm off to DREAMLAND for now.

Until Nextime Folks!