Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flicks & Cartoons from the 1930s

I remember growing up and watching old time cartoons and movies. More like slapstick Vaudeville movies  from Laurel and Hardy along with The Three Stooges and some Chaplin stuff too (although chaplin was just a bit earlier than L & H) I remember how hard I would laugh at those. My dad helped me grow up to the best of entertainment. Old Hollywood is barely remembered through the young minds of America. I remember walking down Hollywood Blvd with my little 16 year old sister a few months ago, looking at all the celebrity stars. From Clark Gable to the Andrews Sisters and more, she got all frustrated and started huffing to herself. I asked her what was wrong, and she said "I don't know who these people are! Wheres the star for Kanye West?"  I just shook my head in sadness only because she didn't grow up the same way I did. We had two different dads, and she wasn't introduced to the classics. I want to keep them all alive because I know one day no one will know who the names on those stars really are.

I remember one night when I was about maybe 5 years old. I was with my dad for the weekend. It was my bedtime. So I went to fall asleep in his bed, but I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me! My dad always kept the door cracked about half a foot or so. That night was lucky because I could see the big screen TV from the angle of the bed and the door crack. He was watching Laurel And Hardy, The Big Noise. The train scene came on and I started watching it secretly, for my dad thought I was asleep. It gradually became funnier and funnier I just couldn't contain my little laughter anymore! I started laughing hysterically so loud that my dad came in the room and started laughing too! He said my little laughter sounded so cute from the other room, that he couldn't be mad that I wasn't asleep! So he picked me up and sat me on the couch and we watched Laurel and Hardy movies laughing together until I fell asleep. It is memories like those that I love the most.

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