Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping?!? NO THANKS!

Now as a girl that writes about fashion and cosmetics and a bunch of other girly things, the one thing you should know about me is I HATE THE ACT OF SHOPPING! Nothing stresses me out more than running around not knowing what your looking for. When I "Shop" I have a few things on my mind that I want to get. If I don't find them within the first 5 minutes of entering a store, I leave. It is very strange. Shopping makes me nauseous, gives me a migraine, and gives me anxiety! Of course there are a few occasions where I feel like shopping for its own sake, but it's not often. Most of the shopping I do is online. Its easy and fun! You can search for almost anything and its QUICK! 

So my take on Black Friday Shopping? NO THANK YOU!
Yes there are great deals out there, but in my opinion it is not worth getting trampled over, getting yelled at by people, or waiting in dreadfully long lines. Not to mention I could never find anything in my size because it is all sold out!!! I did my black friday shopping online around midnight last night. It was an early christmas present for me. LOL

My very first L.A.M.B. Purse!!!

I already have the wallet in this pattern from last years christmas, but I thought that I would treat myself this year. I got this purse valued at : $300 for $177 & Free shipping!! Click on the link below to find out where!!

They are hosting great deals on brand name items! Just like L.A.M.B.!
I think I will be doing some of my early christmas shopping here.. but we'll see!

I started my christmas shopping early so that way I don't have to stress about it too much. I already bought my boyfriends gift online too. But I wont say what it is because he reads my blog. LOL 

Now I hope you don't think that I am less of a woman because I don't like shopping very much, but lets face it, most of the time I am broke anyway and going shopping when your broke just makes you feel horrible about yourself! You want to buy all these things and you simply just can't! By the time you do get a little spending cash, the stuff you saw while you were "Window Shopping" is sold out! LOL Thats usually my luck at least.

For those of you who braved the morning by going Black Friday Shopping, I salute you! You are much braver and stronger than I am!

Lots of Love and Black Friday Deals,

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  1. dang!!! I almost thought I'd get a sneak peek of my present!