Friday, November 5, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas!!!

I waited SO long for this game! It finally came out on October 19th, 2010. YES, I did go to game stop at 11:30pm to wait for the midnight release!

I got home and was super excited to play. I installed it on my computer and loaded it up. The graphics are so pretty! However, the Lag was horrible. As soon as I got out of the first town and got into the Violent Gameplay, I kept dying! Not because I suck at video games, but because of the lagging! I would be getting shot at and could not see the person shooting at me until he was up close and personal! I was getting really annoyed. Also whenever I shot at something the aim was way off, and it took a second to shoot after I clicked the mouse! I turned it off and was really disappointed. The next day I tried installing it on my boyfriends computer because I thought mine sucked. It is still a tad bit laggy, but not nearly as much. I am enjoying the game now and glad I can play it. I have not beat it yet, but the story line so far is pretty neat. There is something weird about that robot Victor. I keep running into him and he doesn't give me an answer to why he is "Following me".

On the recent trip to Vegas I took, we passed by the town of Primm. I love how the Fallout games take real towns and transform them into post apocalyptic war zones! As I was passing through Primm I saw the Roller Coaster and Buffalo Bills which is Hotel Bison Steve! LOL! Also when driving past, I imagined where they placed the NCR troops across from the town. Crazy stuff man!

The Real Primm "Buffalo Bills"
Fallout Primm "Bison Steve"

A couple new things about this Fallout that wasn't in Fallout 3!
  • Hardcore Mode: Which is to make the game seem more realistic. You can get dehydration without drinking water often, and there is no instantaneous healing. Such as Stimpaks or Sleeping. Ammo has weight, and fast travel is turned off.
  • Multiple Companions: You can have one human and one non human companion at the same time! Right now I have Rex and Boone. They both come with a Companion Wheel. Which means you can control how far or close they follow you, make them passive or aggressive, trade items, and give them stimpaks.
  • New Weapons
  • Weapon Modding: Adding scopes or extended magazines
  • Gambling: Roulette, Blackjack, and a game called Caravan that you will have to learn throughout the game
  • Food and Drink: Only heals for a few seconds.
  • Books & Magazines: Certain books will boost a skill permanently, but magazines will boost a skill for only a limited amount of time.

I am still learning this game and am really enjoying it. You should for sure get your hands on a copy and tell me how you like it!

Just remember it may LAG! :-(

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