Thursday, July 17, 2014

Woes of Hormonal Acne


I dont know about you, but I have been majorly suffering from adult hormonal acne around my chin, and cheeks. It has lasted for about a year now, and it is driving me BONKERS!

I am going to be HOPEFULLY posting weekly about my progress and products I have been using to zap this ongoing problem of hormone acne.

This last year I have made some MAJOR lifestyle changes:
-I quit my full-time job and have moved from Palm Springs, CA (the clear, hot, desert) to Los Angeles, CA (crazy, polluted, populated city.)
-I moved into a studio apartment with my new boyfriend
-Looked frantically for work
-Acting training 3 times a week
-Actively seeked talent agent representation

So on top of my hormones being off balance, climate/enviornment changes,  I think it is safe to say that STRESS has been a major factor to my break outs as well.

Over this last year, I have gone to a dermotologist, who prescribed me some sort of antibiotic, that didnt do CRAP.

So I have been seeking other ways and products to help get my face back to normal.

Please stick around and travel through my Break-out journey to beautiful healthy skin!

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