Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm a Ginger!

Alriight! I am horrible at posting new blogs on a normal basis! But who reads this crap anyway?

As most of you may know I am a red head now... Well slightly strawberry but I am planning on going darker very soon. I took some initiative to buy some products to help care for my luscious red locks, I went to sally's beauty supple today and bought some "color depositing shampoo". Since most people know that dyed red hair fades the easiest I thought this would be super helpful to maintain my red without having to color it often!
I am very excited to see the results as I will be talking morr about this product once I star using it on a regular basis. The name of the shampoo if you're wondering is "Riveting Reds from Quantum".

Ciao for now!

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